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Boudoir Styles: 9 Types of Intimate Photoshoots – St. Louis Photo Studio

Like any art form, boudoir comes in many different styles. Every client has a different story to tell and a different boudoir style that fits their taste.

Finding your boudoir style before your consultation can help you tell your photographer what you want your final images to look like. In this post, we share the most popular types of boudoir we shoot and what makes each of them unique.

Boudoir Styles: 9 Types of Intimate Photoshoots

The Beauty in Boudoir studio offers tons of different sets and lighting options to create different moods and achieve your favorite style. We shoot all of these types of boudoir photos (and more)!

1. Classic Boudoir

woman in blue lace lingerie on the bed

Ideal for first timers or anyone who's a little nervous for their shoot, classic boudoir uses natural lighting and a simple set to create stunning photos that show off your beauty. This is one of the most common types of intimate photoshoots.

2. Bridal

bridal boudoir session of woman in robe

Bridal boudoir is popular with ladies who want to give their future spouses a gift they won't soon forget! Sophisticated and classy, a bridal shoot is a fun way to get ready for your big day. Bring your veil, wedding shoes and jewelry to your boudoir shoot and personalize your session.

3. Body Scape Boudoir

woman posing for fitness boudoir

Boudoir is art, which is never more clear than when we shoot fine art style images. Bodyscape photos emphasize the natural form and make for stunning wall art.

4. Full Glam

woman in large red robe and other woman in angel wings

All our boudoir shoots include professional hair and makeup, but if you want to really glam it up, we can help with that! Choose eye catching lingerie and accessories, like the full sized angel wings and luxe red robe that is included in our client closet.

5. Pin-Up

pinup photos of woman in retro clothing

Pin-up style photos take boudoir back to its historical roots in the 1940s and 50's with fun, playful images that show off your personality. Check out our sister company, Pin-Up St. Louis, for authentic pin-up style shoots!

6. Dark and Edgy Boudoir

dark and moody boudoir photos of woman

If you really want to play up the sultry, sexy aspect of boudoir, you can make your shoot feel edgier with a darker set and posing options that show off every curve. Bring the drama to your photoshoot with this exciting boudoir style. This dramatic boudoir focuses on expressive posing and intense lighting to create one of a kind images. As you can see, no matter what your preferences are when it comes to style, you can bring your personal taste to your boudoir shoot and make it your own.

7. Maternity

maternity boudoir photos of woman

Maternity boudoir is a beautiful way to commemorate your pregnancy and capture the moment before baby arrives. This boudoir style is truly a celebration of your body and the amazing things it can do!

8. Couples

a couple in provacative poses for photo shoot

Want to spice things up with your partner? Plan a couples boudoir shoot for a unique and memorable date. You'll have gorgeous photos of the two of you to look back on, too.

9. Themed Boudoir

boudoir themed photos

Bringing in items or using some of the props we have at our studio can be really fun and personal for your boudoir photoshoot. We supply bad bunny, handcuffs, crowns and more. Let us know what you are interested in and we will bring out all of the fun props we offer.

Give us a call at 636-577-8583 to schedule your consultation and tell us all about what you want for your boudoir shoot!



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