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What Are Bodyscape Photos? Bodyscape Boudoir Ideas – St. Charles, Missouri

Bodyscape photos are a unique type of boudoir photos that show off the subject's body in an artistic way. If you're looking for a way to celebrate the skin you're in and create long-lasting memories of what your body looked like at a certain point in time, the fine detail of bodyscape boudoir might appeal to you.

Let's take a look at what bodyscaping is and some ideas for your own bodyscape photography shoot.

What Does Bodyscape Mean?

"Bodyscape" is a play on the term landscape. It refers to a type of art that uses close-up images of the human body to mimic natural land formations.

Bodyscape photography uses strategic posing and lighting to capture the shapes of the body in fine detail. These photos are almost always shot nude, but you can do a bodyscape boudoir session wearing outfits if the you prefer it.

If you want to shoot more risquée boudoir photos but still want to keep it classy, bodyscape boudoir is a great way to blend intimate photography with fine art for a gorgeous result.

It's also a fun idea for celebrating recent fitness goals or another huge milestone in your life.

Bodyscape Boudoir Ideas

If you're considering bodyscaping for one of your boudoir sets during your shoot, here's some inspiration to help you get ready for your session.

1. Add Textured Details

Bodyscaping relies a lot on lighting and creating purposeful shadows on the body. Textured details like lace or water droplets can bring more visual interest to your photos.

Especially when it comes to black and white boudoir, textures really pop off the pages of your boudoir album.

2. Accessorize

Traditionally, bodyscape photos use nude models. However, if you like the look of bodyscaping but don't want to bare it all, you can definitely take them in lingerie.

Another option is to go nude but incorporate a few fun accessories, like thigh highs and heels or a body chain. These can still give you the feeling of dressing up, even when you're stripping down.

3. Highlight Favorite Features

With its intense focus on specific areas of the body, bodyscaping is a perfect way to create memorable photos of your favorite features.

During your consultation, you'll have the chance to discuss the areas of your body that you feel most proud of and want to show off. This helps your photographer know what to focus on and influences posing and lighting choices.

Once your photos are ready, you can order stunning bodyscape wall art to showcase in your home!

Ready to get started with your bodyscape boudoir journey? Get in touch to set up your consultation and book your session!



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