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Are Boudoir Photos a Good Idea? Missouri Premier Boudoir Studio

At some point in the decision making process, every client asks, "are boudoir photos a good idea?"

Of course, we believe the answer is yes! If you're still on the fence, keep reading for our insight into the top reasons to do the shoot.

Are Boudoir Photos a Good Idea? 3 Reasons to Do the Shoot

When deciding if boudoir photos are a good idea for you, you have to consider what made you want to do a shoot in the first place. There are tons of reasons to have boudoir photos taken, but these are the top three that motivate our clients to take the plunge.

1. Give an Unforgettable Gift to Your Significant Other

Boudoir photos make great gifts for all kinds of occasions. Lots of women want to give their fiancés an album as a wedding gift, but they can also be great for Valentine's Day, the winter holidays, anniversaries, and more!

collage of photos of a woman in black lingerie

If you're worried about whether your gift will be well received, you could try feeling your partner out by sending a few sexy selfies to see how they react.

What makes boudoir photos such a unique and special gift is that it's not something just anyone can give. It's a great idea if you're feeling confident in your relationship and want to share a more vulnerable side of yourself with a person you trust.

2. Boost Your Confidence and Feel Empowered

Even though boudoir photos are a popular gift, that's not the most popular reason our clients decide doing a shoot is a good idea. Most of the women who come through our studio are there for themselves.

woman wearing blue bodysuit on a dark moody background

Boudoir is a unique experience. It gives you the opportunity to see yourself in a way that perhaps you never have before, and that can be a huge confidence booster.

After all, stripping down in front of the camera takes a lot of courage. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone can have a ripple effect that helps you feel more empowered in your everyday life as well.

Neon boudoir photos empowering women

If nerves are what's holding you back from committing to a boudoir session, it's a great idea to work through your anxiety and give yourself the chance to shine.

3. Mark an Important Milestone in Your Life

Lots of people have professional photos taken to mark important milestones. Although it might not seem like the obvious choice for everyone, boudoir can be the perfect way to capture a particular moment in your life so you can look back on it later.

silhouetted poses of woman in red bodysuit

In addition to weddings and anniversaries, you could also do a boudoir shoot to commemorate:

Whatever it is you want to celebrate, having your boudoir album to look back on will help you remember how you were feeling at the time.

Convinced that boudoir photos are a good idea? Give us a call at 636-577-8583 or reach out through our contact form to book your session!



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