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4 New Sets Adding Variety To Your Boudoir Session - St. Charles Boudoir Studio

At Beauty In Boudoir, we are always changing things up around here. I never want to keep it the same year round, that would be no fun now would it? Over the last couple of months, I have added a few new sets that I am proud of and would like to show off a bit for you all that have been following me for a while. These sets will be something you only see at Beauty In Boudoir Photography.

  1. Honey Comb Set

boudoir photos on new set with honeycomb

This set was inspired by a modern feel that I personally love. Classy and intimate this set has given me ALL the feels! You will not be disappointed if you select this set at your boudoir session.

2. The New Loft

Couch poses for boudoir session

With giant loft windows and natural light it accentuates all of the best parts of your body, I am loving the moody vibes it gives off. Sofa poses and also standing gives great variety on this set option for your best boudoir shoot.

3. Neon Lights

Neon Lights with a beautiful woman

One of my newest looks is the Neon Lights set and I AM IN LOVE with it! If you are looking for an edgy one of kind set this is it. Mixing the feminine colors mixed with complimentary bodyscaping effects pair beautifully. This is the ultimate boudoir vibe.

4. Au Naturale Set

Woman standing against a wall in red lingerie

Just as the name states, it is just the wall and you...not much else. The point is to simplify the set so that you are the star - which is what it should be about. This set mixes natural bright light and moodiness that shadows perfectly to show off your best angles.

Whether you are looking to empower yourself through your boudoir session or as a gift for your significant other, these sets are sure to be an amazing add on to your boudoir shoot. I look forward to working with you soon! Traci



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