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Spice Up Your Sex Life with a Couples Boudoir Session - St. Louis Couples Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

While boudoir photography is a fantastic way to boost your individual self-confidence, a couples boudoir session offers a unique experience for lovebirds. Whether you’ve been together for just a couple years, just got engaged or are celebrating a milestone anniversary, a couples boudoir session gives you an opportunity to capture the intimacy and beauty of your relationship and everything that makes what you share so special.

Plus: you can add a little spice to your life in the bedroom!

Feel more comfortable in your skin

Sometimes our sex lives suffer because we don’t love our bodies. This goes for both men and women and can even cause friction in relationships. A couples boudoir shoot allows you both to feel sexy together, reigniting a chemistry that may have fallen off just due to the passage of time. You’ll have your images to remind you of the love and passion you feel for one another and can look back on them anytime you want to spice up your sex life.

Celebrate a new beginning

There are so many ways your relationship can feel new, whether it’s the first year of your marriage or the first year your kids are out of the house. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting on your journey together or have been walking this path for decades—a couples boudoir session can make everything feel new again and remind you of what started your love for each other in the first place.

Reconnect with one another

Couples go through transitions in their lives, from the challenges, like dealing with illness or losing a loved one, to the joys of a new child or a big move. While your love for each other remains unchanging, it can be easy to forget in the chaos of life. A boudoir session serves as a reminder that your connection is still there and it still matters. Sometimes you just need to look your partner in the eye and remember why you fell in love.

You look hot together

There’s nothing wrong with booking a couples boudoir session just because you two are a hot pair! You love one another’s bodies as much as your spirits, so why not show off those sexy bods? Sexy doesn’t have an age limit, a weight limit or any requirements. It’s all about how you feel and move. If you feel confident, it will show in your images, and sometimes all the confidence you need is in the presence of the one you love.

Mark a milestone

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or a new stage in your lives, a couples boudoir session is a great way to mark that milestone. Your relationship deserves to be celebrated, especially if it’s stood the test of time and all the challenges that come your way. A boudoir photo shoot is a reminder that you two are powerful together.

Your love is beautiful

Every love story is gorgeous. Whether you’re high school sweethearts or you met later in life, you should celebrate what makes your relationship unique. A collection of intimate images in an album gives you something tangible to look back on and share with each other in all the years still to come.

At Beauty In Boudoir we LOVE to shoot couples boudoir sessions! Checkout our page: In our St. Charles Photography Studio we are always excited to have couples sessions, we make sure to keep it classy and tasteful also. Inquire today about our couples boudoir collections at 636-577-8583. Traci, Owner



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