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6 Reasons to Have a Maternity Boudoir Session Before Baby

There are so many ways to celebrate your pregnancy and the joy and anticipation you feel as you wait for your baby to arrive. From baby showers to maternity photography, every mom-to-be should take advantage of any opportunity that allows her to hold onto memories of this fleeting time.

But did you know there’s another photo session that expecting mothers are having?

Maternity boudoir photography is a chance for you to feel sexy and stunning, even when you may not always feel at your best. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the emotion and magic of your pregnancy in a unique way.

I believe that every woman should experience the wonder of maternity boudoir, and here are just a few reasons why!

Every pregnancy is special

Whether this is your first child, your last or somewhere in between, every pregnancy journey is unique and deserves to be captured and celebrated. For many women, struggles with infertility and miscarriage make the joy of a successful pregnancy that much more special. Regardless of which pregnancy this is for you, the way you feel now is particular to this time in your life and deserves to be remembered.

Pregnant bodies are stunning

You may feel that your body is anything but gorgeous. You’ve gained weight, and you likely struggle with aches and pains. But your pregnant body is amazing—and not just because it’s creating and nourishing a new life. You likely have fuller curves and a figure different from your normal body, and you should absolutely slip into some lacy lingerie and capture your new sexiness! Chances are your partner thinks you look hot pregnant, so why not take some sultry images to celebrate those curves and remember them in the years to come?

Celebrate your body and beauty

Let’s face it—sometimes we all need a reminder of how gorgeous we really are. During pregnancy, it can be easy to forget that your body is incredible and stunning in its own right. A maternity boudoir session can make you feel gorgeous again and help you celebrate each and every one of your curves.

Remember these moments

Pregnancy comes and goes so quickly, you will one day want to look back at these moments and remember all of those kicks and fun times while baby was in your belly.

At Beauty In Boudoir we suggest doing your boudoir maternity session sometime between 28-33 weeks, although if you are doing in studio only, you could be up to 38 weeks safely. Contact us today for your maternity boudoir shoot.



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