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Boudoir Session Fee is $399, includes professional hair and makeup services, Up to 3 sets/outfit changes, 60-80 images to choose from. Book & Print Collections start at a minimum of $249. Want to add an outfit/set or an additional hair and makeup look? You have a lot of flexibility with Beauty In Boudoir.


There are lots to consider when getting your boudoir photos done. It's a celebration of you, your womanhood, your beautiful body and your sense of spirit. Planning is key so these photos really showcase your beauty. While everyone has their own method of preparation, I can definitely give you some insider tips for how to prepare and make sure your boudoir photo shoot is a smashing success.

Several months before your session -- two or three, give or take -- is the best time to start thinking about the boudoir shoot. Start a Pinterest board, start dog-earing magazine pages and definitely start trying on various lingerie to see what you feel best in and what matches your style. As the day gets closer, start narrowing down your inspiration boards and ideas. That includes outfits as well as hair and makeup ideas. This will help guide your artist on your session day as to what you like.

Speaking of props, those are a really fun part of your boudoir session. We'll definitely get photographs of you without props, but we want to make sure we include pictures of you with meaningful items that represent you or  your significant other.

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