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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by includes "Hair and Makeup"?
We have professional hair and makeup artists that will style your hair with your preference of style and makeup artists that will apply coverage to compliment your session. We have them always add fake eye lashes (unless you have extensions) to make sure your eyes "POP" in the photos. All of our packages include hair and makeup to insure you love your photos.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! We offer payment plans to make sure to accommodate your needs. Many of our clients choose options up to 6 months to payoff their products. Products will not be delivered until your payment schedule is paid in full.

Can I Prepay for my session and products?

Yes! We highly recommend prepaying for your session/products prior to your session. This is a popular option especially for brides prior to their wedding date. Contact us to find out more!

Can I bring glitter or a glitter outfit with me to my session? I ask that you do not bring any form of glitter into the studio, it is something that will get on all of the furniture/props and is a nightmare to clean up. We ask that you do not use any loose glitter or any outfits with glitter on them.

I have a hair and makeup artist of my own. Do I have to get my hair and makeup done through you or can I get a discount if I don't use yours?
Because of the lighting that I shoot with, I highly recommend doing your hair and makeup through Beauty In Boudoir. We know exactly how much and what to apply to get the perfect boudoir look you see on our website.

What does the $399 "Session Fee" include?
Your individual boudoir session fee includes professional hair and makeup, 3 sets/3 outfits and 100+ images to choose from & access to our client closet. Print and digital images are sold separately and start at $599.

What is a set/outfit?
A set is referring to the background and props and lighting scenario, each set is different and so is the posing. For example I have a set called "Wrapped in sheets", it is a light and bright set with you on the bed wrapped in only a sheet for the poses (this would also constitute an outfit even though you are typically nude).
You wear one outfit per set chosen, so if you decide a sexy black outfit is one that you want to wear
, it will be for the whole set. You do not change outfits on the same set. Your session includes 3 sets and 3 outfits total.

Can I add an additional set/outfit to my session?
You sure can! Each session includes 3 sets and 3 outfit changes which will give you 100+ images to choose from, but you are more than welcome to add as many sets/outfits as you would like. We have 15 sets to choose from and adding an additional set would cost $100 additional and give you about 30-40 additional photos to choose from (make sure to talk with me prior to your session to add-on another set to insure we have time). For Only Fans, adding an outfit is additional (please contact me for customized pricing).

Do you do couples boudoir sessions? YES! I love shooting couples boudoir, checkout my page here to find out more about these.

Does my session include any products?
No, the session fee does not include products. You will select your digital and print products at your ordering session which is about 1-2 weeks after your session date, print and digital products are sold separately and start at $599.

How much do albums cost and how many photos are in them? Albums range between $999-$1599 and each one includes a different number of photos. You can customize your album to fit the number of images you would like by adding spreads for an additional $50 per spread.

Do you offer a digital only collection or albums including digital images?
YES! I do offer a digital only collection and also collections including albums and digitals. Please contact me directly for a full pricing list.

I am over 50 years old, would this be something for me?
Oh yes it sure is! I cannot tell you how many women over 50 I have worked with, I have shot with women in their 80's. My best day ever would be to shoot Betty White in boudoir! This is for women of all ages, I believe BOUDOIR IS FOR ALL WOMEN.

Do you edit my photos?
Absolutely, we edit all photos that will be in your print products. When you do your reveal, you will select the images you love the most for your products and those will be fully retouched to your specs.

Is your studio discreet?
YES. I make sure that when you arrive for your session that it is private, discreet and no one has to know. I make sure that there is privacy film on all of the windows to ensure your privacy.

Do you shoot evening or night sessions?

No. I specifically shoot in the morning due to optimal light in our studio. Hair and makeup starts at 9am M-F only, we do not shoot sessions on weekends. Occasionally we will shoot afternoon sessions although it is not typical. We only shoot one session per day to allow more quality time for you!

How long will my session take?
Depending on which package you choose, it would vary. Hair and makeup services are generally an hour long and your shoot time is 1.5 hours. All in all you will be in the studio for a total of about 2.5-3 hours. It is perfect when you take a half day off of work :)

Would if I have flaws I don't want shown in my photos?
We send out a questionnaire that asks about what you like and don't like about your body to make sure we are aware when shooting, if needed we will do a edit on something if it bothers you (for your print products.

Should I get a spray tan?
Absolutely not. Spray tans and self tanners not only photograph bad, but they also make all of our furniture and bed linens stained and unusable. We promise you will like your natural skin tones on the photographs but if you insist on being tan, try to do it in the sun. We do not edit out tan lines as a normal process, it would cost additional to edit those out of your photos.

Should I wash my hair prior to getting my hair done?
Yes, a clean head of hair will shine and make the hair stylists job much easier. Make sure that you do not flat iron (unless your hair is naturally curly) and please do not come in with wet hair on your session day, we need it fully dried to curl it, we do not do blowouts for you.

Does your hair and makeup artist put in my extensions? No. Our artist will only curl and style your extensions, but will not put them in for you. If you wear extensions, make sure to have them already in prior your appointment.

Can I bring a friend with me to my session?
Yes, 1 female friend or family member over the age of 18 is welcome to come to your session with you, although generally we do not allow men in the session room during your shoot generally. If your friend books a boudoir session when they come in with you, then you get a $100 referral credit toward your products!

Do you do boudoir shoots for men?
We shoot couples boudoir involving men, but we do not shoot men by themselves in boudoir. It is for the comfort level of our clients and photographers.

Do you have a client closet?
Yes! We have many items to choose from in our client closet anywhere from size XS-3XL. If you would like to wear anything in the client closet, please let us know in advance so we can pull the outfits in your size to have you look at them and try them on. I provide a brand new panty for you to wear under any garments you try on.

What products can I purchase?
Our luxury products start at $599-1599 and include: Custom albums, Heirloom boxes with matted prints, Metal prints, Acrylic Wall art, Canvases, Digital collections and prints. You will choose your products at your ordering session which is about a week-2 weeks after your session date. Including our session fee, the average client spends between $899-$1699 on products.

Are any men going to see my images?
No. We are a woman owned, woman run business and the only men who will see your images would be the one you may show it to. Our editors, owner and associates of Beauty In Boudoir are all women for the comfort of our clients. If you sign a model release (which is not required) then we will use your images for social media/website etc. but it is totally up to you.

Do I bring my own outfits?
Sure. We ask that you bring your own outfits including panties/bra sets, lingerie, heels, jewelry or any props you would like to incorporate into the session if you are particular to how lingerie fits on your body (ie: long torso, large breasts and small waist, excessively tall etc.)

If you don't want to bring outfits, we have a full client closet to borrow from including bodysuits, 2 piece outfits, garter belts, stockings, men's shirts, robes and sweaters, jewelry, hats, high heels (size 6-11) although you are more than welcome to bring your own as well.

Would if I cancel my session last minute because I get to nervous?
Please call us before you cancel, we promise that you will meet us and be relieved that you went through with it. Your retainer is non-refundable so we can transfer it to a different date but we do not refund your retainer once it is paid. Cancellations within 7 days of your session date are subject to a $125 fee, unless of an emergency or due to exposure to Covid-19.

What forms of payment do you take?
We accept cash, Venmo, Affirm, Paypal, checks and credit cards (Visa, MC and Discover). We do not accept AMEX.

What is a model release? Do I have to sign it?
A model release is a document that allows Beauty In Boudoir to use your images for promotions including website, social media or print advertisements. NO you do not have to sign one, it is totally up to you but you will never be pressured to sign it.

How long will it take to get my products back?
Generally you will receive your products back within a 2 weeks to a month from your session, sometimes it takes less or more time depending on the product you order, viewing dates and approval of proofs. We cannot guarantee a specific time, although make sure to shoot and allow yourself enough time needed. Also, let me know if you have a deadline!

I have never done this before, can I meet you first before I get naked in front of you?
Absolutely! We are able to do consultations both over Zoom/Facetime with you prior to booking, just email us or give us a call at 636-577-8583 or text to get an consultation scheduled.

I don't know what to wear, can you help me?
Yes! Think simple, body suits, bra/panty sets, jerseys from sports teams, robes, teddies are all great ideas. We also think that oversized sweaters, tank/panty, business shirts and corsets can be awesome! This is your session, wear what makes you feel good! I also send you a list of vendors I recommend to shop with.

Do you shoot outdoor sessions?
I do shoot outdoor sessions, based on weather, season and optimal light. Inquire about my outdoor sessions for more info. There is an additional charge for outdoor boudoir sessions.

How do I see my photos when the session is over?
At your ordering session which is 1-2 weeks after your session. We put together a slideshow of our favorite images and help guide you to choosing your favorite images for your products.

Can I do my ordering session online instead of coming back to your studio?
I highly recommend coming back to the studio for your reveal, to be able to choose your products in person and see all of the options available. I can do an online session if you live an hour or more away, just let me know :)

Do you offer discounts to groups? I am having a Bachelorette party and think this would be so much fun prior!
Yes, we love when our clients come in with their friends! We offer group discounts, call us for a customized quote.

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