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Why Hair & Makeup Are Vital to A Boudoir Session - St. Charles Boudoir Photography Studio, Missouri

Boudoir photography is all about the experience. It's a lot like having a spa day, except you're getting amazing photos out of it at the end. You can relax and let your hair and makeup artist take care of you while they make you look amazing for your boudoir session!

Some clients are nervous about getting their hair and makeup done if they've never had it professionally done before. If you're not used to someone touching your face, it can make some people self-conscious. Letting the hair and makeup artist know this ahead of time will help them come up with a plan on how to make you feel comfortable.

Hair and makeup are what make you look like the glamorous goddess that you are. It enhances the beauty you already have and helps you feel less uncomfortable about posing for sexy photos because they'll know exactly how to make you look your best!

In order to get the best results from your boudoir session, we suggest you arrive with your face clean (only a moisturizer on), also change into a robe prior to application, we provide branded robes for your comfort. Your makeup artist will also be able to tell you more about what they're doing and why, if you are interested. Our artists are seasoned professionals and have been working for years perfecting their craft.

They'll make sure that everything goes perfectly on the day of your shoot so that you can relax and enjoy yourself. You'll look great, feel more confident about the photos, and walk away with gorgeous images of you looking like a bombshell.

We include hair and makeup services in all of our session fees to make sure that you will feel amazing and confident, we are all about glamming you up for your boudoir photo shoot!

Our resident hair and makeup artist Lauren has been in the makeup business for over 20 years and has worked on fashion sets, commercials and many boudoir sessions. Trust the process that is hair and makeup and try to take any advice that is given to you, as she will know what will look best for your photos. Your makeup will be taken down about 40-50% in your photos and will appear very natural (even if it looks like a lot in person).

Our suggestion for your hair is loose curls or waves, anything straight would not photograph as good unless your hair is short and cannot be curled of course. Have a talk with us prior to your session if you have any allergies to makeup or products at all. We cannot wait to Glam-You-Up at Beauty In Boudoir! - Traci, Owner



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