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Bridal Boudoir Sessions - Perfect Gift For Your Wedding Day!

Are you ready to spice up your wedding day? Lets show him that you are sexy AF with a #bridalboudoirsession!

Let's talk about #bridalgiftideas when you get married, you give your significant other a gift and vice versa, so what do they want? Well I have the answer, sexy #bridal images showing them how incredibly #sexy and #seductive you can be! Let's go ALL OUT and amp up this session and WOW him before you say "I do".

Little black books make incredible #bridalgifts for your wedding day!

Once you book your #boudoirsession you will start your preparation for your session by going shopping! Yay, we all love shopping don't we? Whether you are an in person shopper or you prefer to shop online, you can find some amazing pieces. I have found some great #lingerie at places like Yandy, Victoria's Secret and even Amazon. Depending on your price point, you can find all kinds of looks in various places.

How long in advance should you book your #bridalboudoirsession? I suggest around 4-8 weeks prior to your wedding at a minimum. You could book it 6 months prior, it is up to you how early you would like to do it.

Are you ready to be a #badassbride and book your boudoir session?

Call me today at 636-577-8583 and lets chat!

<3 Traci



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