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4 Tips For Bombshell Photography Inspiration - Boudoir Expert Photographer

While there are many different ways to approach a boudoir shoot, lots of women want to boost their confidence and empower themselves by showing off their curves and leaning into their sex appeal in a bombshell photography session. This style is bold, self-assured, and all about highlighting your physical assets alongside a larger-than-life personality.

If you'd like to feel like a bombshell in front of the camera, here are some tips to inspire you.

4 Bombshell Photography Tips

Bombshell photography is its own special subgenre of boudoir. Here's what we recommend if you want to achieve this look in your photos.

1. Work With a Professional

There's nothing wrong with snapping pics of yourself in front of the mirror at home, but that classic bombshell look is all about going over the top.

When you book a professional boudoir session, you gain access to all kinds of perks, like professional hair and makeup services and luxurious outfits to wear from the client closet.

woman wrapped in sheets with legs on brick wall

You'll also be able to shoot in a gorgeous studio with sets designed to show you off, and a knowledgeable photographer who can help you pose just right to capture your confidence on camera.

woman on couch in front of loft window

It's hard to achieve the same effect on your own!

2. Show Off Your Curves

It is entirely possible to do a boudoir shoot that's on the more reserved side, but the bombshell archetype is all about embracing your sexuality and celebrating your body.

When choosing what to wear for your bombshell photography shoot, look for pieces that show off your curves to their fullest effect.

woman against concrete wall in lingerie

This is your chance to be daring and challenge yourself to try outfits that might push you outside your comfort zone.

3. Avoid Accessories

We love including all kinds of accessories in our boudoir shoots, but if you're going for a bombshell look, it might be best to skip the jewelry and other extras.

woman in red lingerie against a tan framed wall

As much fun as those elements can be, they also have the potential to be distracting. Bombshell photoshoots are all about making you the star of the show.

beautiful woman on couch in lingerie

Part of what makes a woman a "bombshell" in the first place is her over-the-top personality. Keeping your look simple gives you the chance to let that bold persona shine.

4. Treat Yourself Like a Supermodel

The term "bombshell" is often used to refer to models and celebrities. If you're planning a bombshell photography session, it's time to treat yourself like a star!

Pampering yourself with a trip to the nail salon, a gentle massage, or other luxurious treatments can help calm any nerves you might be feeling and get into the right mindset for your shoot.

dark and sultry photos of woman in lingerie

If you really want to go all out, start stretching several weeks before your shoot, too. Not only will it help you feel great, but you'll be more limber and able to try out a greater variety of poses.

Ready to book your bombshell photography shoot? Get in touch to put your session on our calendar!



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