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What You'll Find at Our All-Inclusive Boudoir Photo Studio - St. Louis-St. Charles MO

The last thing you want when you've invested in a boudoir shoot is to arrive without everything you need to take the photos you've envisioned. Fortunately, if you do happen to come to Beauty in Boudoir without something you need, our all-inclusive photo studio has your back.

From stunning boudoir outfits and accessories to light snacks to keep your energy up, you'll have everything you need for the perfect shoot right at your fingertips.

What's Included at Our Full Service Boudoir Studio

Many boudoir clients like to bring their own things to their session. However, if you're looking for a full service experience, Beauty in Boudoir has everything you need. All you have to bring is your beautiful self!

Boudoir Outfits and Lingerie

You might be stripping down in the boudoir studio, but most clients plan to wear lingerie or some type of boudoir outfit for their photos. We carry luxury lingerie including Honey Birdette, Hello L.A. Girl and Kilo Brava to name a few.

boudoir lingerie

While many clients prefer to bring their own lingerie or other pieces to wear during their session, our client closet is full to the brim with options in sizes XS to 3XL. If you don't want to spend any money on your boudoir outfits, you're free to borrow ours.

Luxury Red Robe

In addition to lingerie sets, you'll find all kinds of fun pieces in the client closet, like:

  • Robes

  • Bridal veils

  • Denim and faux leather jackets

  • Men's shirts and ties

  • Bondage gear

  • Body chains and harnesses

  • Oversized sweaters/Mens Shirts/Crowns

Another necessity (especially when you're borrowing lingerie or doing a wrapped in sheets shoot) is hygiene liners. We have them available at the studio so you don't have to buy your own. If you want to use nipple covers for any of your sets, we have those too!

Hair and Makeup Products

Your boudoir session includes professional hair and makeup styling, and we'll provide all the products.

Our Hair and Makeup specialists have been in the business for decades and will make sure you're camera ready. They know exactly what to do to make sure your makeup looks soft and natural in your photos, and how to style your hair so that it has plenty of texture and movement. Everything they do is only to enhance your natural beauty so it shines through in your boudoir album or prints!


Accessories like jewelry and shoes are a great way to showcase your personality in your boudoir photos.

accessories for your boudoir shoot

We have plenty of options in the client closet, including shoes sizes 6–11. We also have garters and stockings you can wear with or without shoes.

shoe wall and jewelry

And for anyone who really wants to glam it up, our full size, blush pink angel wings are an amazing addition to any boudoir outfit.

Water and Light Snacks

It's not uncommon for boudoir sessions to run a few hours long, which is why our all-inclusive studio has snacks and drinks on hand to keep you hydrated and energized from start to finish.

Ready to kick back and enjoy your boudoir shoot? Get in touch at to schedule your session and let us handle the rest!



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