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Wrapped In Sheets Boudoir Session - Not just white sheets anymore, St. Charles Boudoir Photographer

When you think about doing a boudoir shoot, you might think that wrapped in sheets would be SO much fun! I agree, but I have spiced things up around at the studio and started to incorporate satin sheets in various colors which has really made its mark lately.

This session was such a favorite of mine, her green eyes just "popped" when the light hit all of the green surrounding her, I love these shots so much and can't express how this changes the whole feel of wrapped in sheets. Boudoir sessions are meant to show off your personality, what speaks to you as a woman. What is your favorite color?

At the studio I have a variety of satin options including emerald green, royal blue, champagne, black, dark purple, burgundy and teal. Who does't like to spice things up with a whole mood with color pops?

Our St. Charles boudoir studio has a variety of options for you, let me know what you are feeling and what your skin tones are and I will give my suggestions for the best fit at your wrapped in sheets session. It is considered one of your sets/outfits though so keep that in mind when booking.

I can't wait to meet you soon and see what sets you choose for your session! I am here to help guide you the whole way so don't be afraid to reach out.



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