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How Much Do Boudoir Photos Cost? St. Charles Missouri Boudoir Photographer

Professional photos are a long-term investment. You pay now for beautiful images you can enjoy for years to come. If you're getting ready for a boudoir shoot, you'll want to know how much boudoir photos cost so you can prepare your budget.

There are many factors to consider beyond your photographer's fees, though. In this post, we'll look at all the potential costs of a boudoir shoot.

How Much Do Boudoir Photos Cost? (4 Expenses)

While some costs are fixed, there are also ways to make a boudoir shoot more or less expensive. Here are the top expenses to consider when planning for your shoot.

1. Your Session Fee

The first expense is the price of the photoshoot itself. This is a non-negotiable rate your photographer charges for their time and expertise.

woman silhouetted boudoir

Boudoir sessions typically cost between $250 and $500—but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Lower rates may mean you get less time in the studio and fewer sets and outfits included in your package.

woman in lingerie against outdoor wall

It's also important to note whether or not your session fee includes professional hair and makeup or other services that you might otherwise have to pay separately for.

2. Your Boudoir Outfits

The price of lingerie for your boudoir shoot varies widely.

woman in lingerie different poses

If you're buying brand new, high-end lingerie for your shoot, you could easily spend a couple hundred dollars.

However, there are plenty of affordable lingerie brands you can buy from instead. Or, save your money and choose all your boudoir outfits from your photographer's client closet.

woman standing up against wall with hand in hair

At Beauty in Boudoir, we offer a wide variety of pieces in sizes XS to 3XL, so there's something for everyone. You can also do a wrapped in sheets shoot and skip the outfit altogether!

3. Beauty Treatments

We're all for pampering yourself before your boudoir session. You might want to get a manicure and pedicure or other spa treatments to help you look your best for your session.

woman sitting down in seductive poses

How much you spend here is entirely up to you. You could easily save some money by having an at-home spa night instead of paying for professional services.

Just don't try any new DIY treatments. The week of your shoot is not the time to start at-home waxing or test out a new skincare product that could leave redness behind!

4. Boudoir Album and Prints

The last big expense that impacts how much boudoir photos cost is the products you order. Beauty in Boudoir offers:

  • Boudoir Custom Albums

  • Canvas Wall Art

  • Framed Metal Prints

  • Heirloom Boxes (with hardbacked prints)

  • Collections (Both Digital Images alongside an album)

You can expect to spend several hundred dollars on your boudoir album or heirloom box. Prices usually start around $500–600 and go up from there.

close up boudoir photos

Of course, the more products you buy, the more you'll spend. Beauty in Boudoir offers a few collections that include an album and digital photos to help you save a bit of money.

For more information on session pricing and how much our average client spends, visit our investment page.

We're also happy to go over pricing in more detail during your consultation. Give us a call to book your shoot today!



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