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Do Boudoir Photographers Provide Outfits? St. Louis Luxury Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Once you've booked your boudoir photography session, the next thing on your mind is probably what to wear for your shoot. A lot of clients wonder if boudoir photographers provide outfits. The answer is yes!

Borrowing from the boudoir client closet can be a great way to take some of the pressure off before your session. Instead of worrying about what to buy and how much to spend, you can relax and choose from the many pieces I've collected over the years.

Here are a few things you'll find in my client closet at Beauty in Boudoir.

1. Lingerie

Of course lingerie is a popular choice when it comes to boudoir photography outfits. Bra and panty sets, bodysuits, corsets, bustiers, and garter belts all make for classic, striking photos.

You'll find a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes in my client closet, so there's something for every woman and body type.

2. Shirts, Sweaters, and Jackets

Most of the time we think of boudoir photos including less clothing. But covering up a little bit can be sexy, too!

Pairing a cozy pullover or denim jacket with your favorite undies or lingerie set can create an everyday look that might feel more comfortable or natural. Oversized men's shirts are also a favorite.

3. Accessories

Your outfit doesn't have to stop at lingerie. There are tons of ways to accessorize for your boudoir photography session. You might even discover some pieces in the client closet you hadn't considered before! Thigh-high stockings can really elevate your look.

Heels also make a statement. I have several sizes and styles available.

I don't recommend wearing lots of flashy jewelry for your boudoir photos because it can be distracting. But sometimes a strand of pearls or rhinestone choker is just what you need to glam it up.

If you want to go all out, I even have a pair of stunning angel wings you can wear. Unique pieces like these are what make the client closet truly magical!

4. Sheets

If you want to wear less for your boudoir photos, I've still got you covered!

Wrapped in sheets boudoir sessions make for gorgeous, sensual images. I provide several different colors for you to choose from so we can pick the sheets that will best show off your personality and beauty.

When you decide to let your boudoir photographer provide outfits for your shoot, it's one less thing on your plate. You can walk into the studio relaxed and browse the client closet for the perfect look.

Want more help deciding what to wear for your boudoir photos? During your free consultation, I'm happy to give you advice on what will look best, whether you want to borrow from my collection or shop for yourself. Get in touch and we can start planning your boudoir session today!



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