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What Do You Do With Boudoir Photos? – Missouri Boudoir Photographer

Your boudoir photo shoot can be an amazing and empowering experience. But, what do you do with boudoir photos after your session?

There are tons of options for enjoying your boudoir photos. Which ones you pick will simply depend on your preferences and who you want to share the final product with.

About a week after your shoot, you'll have an ordering session where you can see all your photos and pick how you want to display them. Here are the options you'll find at Beauty in Boudoir.

1. Create a Stunning Boudoir Album

Collecting your favorite images from your session in a gorgeous boudoir album is one of the most popular things to do with your boudoir photos.

Albums let you preserve multiple photos in a format that's easy to store (and keep hidden if you want your photos to stay private). We'll work together to create beautiful spreads that showcase your images so you can look back on them.

You'll also have the chance to choose the color and material for your cover, as well as whether you'd like to include any text on the front.

Boudoir photos capture you at a certain moment in time. That's why boudoir photography albums are a great way to celebrate an important milestone.

2. Store Artistic Prints in an Heirloom Box

An heirloom box is a small velvet, linen, or leather box that holds 7 individual matte prints from your boudoir shoot.

Heirloom boxes have a lot of the same benefits of an album. They can be discreet, but they're still a beautiful way to display and keep your favorite photos from your shoot.

However, prints often feel more luxurious than an album. If you like fine art photography, you might consider an heirloom box for your boudoir photos.

Albums and heirloom boxes both make excellent gifts, too. If you want to share your photos with your significant other, these can be the perfect option for you.

3. Show Off Your Boudoir Photos as Striking Wall Art

Boudoir photos are meant to be seen and enjoyed! You can have them printed and turned into stunning wall art to hang in your home.

At Beauty in Boudoir, we can create canvas or metal prints for your boudoir photos. Where you hang them is up to you.

4. Save and Share Digital Images

Of course, you can always save digital copies of your boudoir photos.

Digital images can get lost in your computer or phone, so they're not the best option for what to do with boudoir photos after your session. You want to be able to easily look back on them down the road.

Plus, there's always the danger of accidentally deleting your photos and losing them forever.

That said, if you're feeling confident after your session and want to share your experience on social media, having a few digital images you can easily post is great. Don't forget to tag the studio!

Ready to book your boudoir shoot? Get in touch to book your initial consultation. You can also check out theProducts page for more details on the albums, prints, and digital images Beauty in Boudoir has to offer.



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