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What Shoes Can You Wear for a Boudoir Shoot? St. Louis Boudoir Studio

Thinking about wearing some sexy boudoir shoes for your upcoming shoot? Shoes can be a fun accessory to include in your boudoir outfit to showcase your personality and bring something extra to your photos.

Of course, there are many different types of shoes you might consider wearing for your boudoir session. We'll share the top styles our clients like as well as tips for selecting your own.

Do You Need Shoes for a Boudoir Shoot?

At Beauty In Boudoir we provide a ton of high heels ranging from 6-11, but you don't have to wear shoes for your boudoir shoot if you don't want to. A lot of women choose to shoot barefoot. Or maybe you want to do a set in just a pair of stockings. The choice is up to you!

What Shoes Can You Wear for a Boudoir Shoot?

You have tons of options when it comes to boudoir shoes. Here are our favorites.

1. High Heels

Probably the most popular choice for boudoir shoes is to wear heels. They're already perceived as a sexy, feminine shoe, so they fit right into a lot of boudoir shoots. We also have a ton to choose from at the boudoir studio for your convenience.

woman in lingerie by window

Heels are designed to change your posture to accentuate your legs and your backside, which is great for boudoir.

Another advantage to heels is that depending on the height, style, and color, they can work with just about any set and outfit. Whether you want a sweet, romantic look or something sultry and edgy, there's a pair of heels that's right for your boudoir outfit.

St. Louis Boudoir Studio

One thing to keep in mind is that wedges don't have the same effect as stilettos or other more classic heels. They don't photograph as well, so it's best to leave them at home.

2. Thigh High Boots

How often do you have the chance to pull on a pair of thigh high boots? These unique and show-stopping shoes can be a fun addition to your boudoir shoot.

Woman silhouette in window

Tall boots (not ankle boots!) can help make your legs look longer in photos. Plus, all that shoe really sets off how little else you're wearing in comparison!

Don't want to splurge on thigh highs just for your session? Check out your photographer's client closet to find out if there's a pair you can borrow.

3. Themed Shoes

Heels or tall boots are going to be the best options for most boudoir shoots. However, if you're doing a themed boudoir shoot, there might be an opportunity to get creative with your shoes.

For bridal boudoir, your session is a great chance to get a second use out of your wedding shoes.

silhoutted woman in heels

You might consider an older style for a vintage-inspired shoot or even a nice pair of sneakers and a jersey over lace panties for a sports-themed shoot. Also, tall socks can be very sexy!

The possibilities are endless!

Elegant settee with woman in gold lingerie

Ready to put your date on the calendar and start planning your outfits? Get in touch to schedule your boudoir session!



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