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3 Empowering Plus Size Boudoir Photography Tips - St. Charles Boudoir Shoot

At Beauty in Boudoir, we believe that boudoir is for every body. But we also know that getting in front of the camera can be intimidating for some plus size clients. Fortunately, we have some plus size boudoir tips to help you get ready for your shoot and feel more confident stepping into the studio.

3 Empowering Plus Size Boudoir Photography Tips

Here are our suggestions for making your boudoir experience a positive and empowering one.

1. Choose Lingerie That Makes You Feel Beautiful

Choosing the right boudoir outfit is important for any shoot, but if you're already nervous about stripping down in front of the camera, it's especially important to find pieces that flatter your body and make you feel good.

When picking out what you'll wear for your boudoir shoot, first think about which parts of your body you'd most like to emphasize. Then you can look for lingerie that highlights those areas. Traci at Beauty In Boudoir has a full client closet that goes up to 3XL and she will help style you on your boudoir session.

Plus size boudoir lingerie

Another option is to forego lingerie entirely and do a wrapped in sheets boudoir shoot. This is a classic set that is timeless and beautiful but also sexy.

Plus size woman wrapped in sheets

If you're struggling to find lingerie that makes you feel sexy, this is a great way to avoid it altogether while still achieving a classic boudoir look.

2. Pamper Yourself to Prepare for Your Shoot

The best way to beat your nerves leading up to your shoot is to find ways to kick back and relax beforehand. Getting your nails done and having a laid back night in are perfect activities for preparing for your session.

Woman in red lingerie

When you're well rested and refreshed, you'll feel more energized and ready to work for the camera.

3. Personalize Your Shoot With Props and Accessories

Your boudoir shoot should reflect your personality and make you feel like a larger than life version of yourself. Finding ways to add your unique touch to your shoot can help you feel empowered and excited about the experience.

Dark and sultry posing of woman

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to props and accessories you can use to bring your special touch to your shoot. You can incorporate jewelry into your boudoir outfit, do a themed shoot, or even sport a pair of eye-catching heels.

How Do You Pose for Plus Size Boudoir?

One of the advantages of working with a professional boudoir photographer is that you don't have to worry about posing yourself. You have a knowledgeable guide who will tell you exactly what to do once you're on set. Traci is an expert in plus size posing, working for the last 14 years perfecting those poses you will LOVE.

sexy woman in black lingerie

With years of experience shooting plus size boudoir, we're well prepared to show off your best assets in a variety of styles.

close up of womans jewelry

Whether you want your photos to look sultry or sweet, Beauty in Boudoir is prepared to help you shine.

Ready to boost your confidence with a boudoir shoot that's tailored just for you? Give us a call at 636-577-8583 and schedule your session today!



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