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Theme Ideas for Your Boudoir Session! St. Louis Best Boudoir Photographer, Missouri

Many women think of boudoir as nearly-nude photography, dressed in lingerie, but boudoir can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you feel gorgeous all made up and dressed in a negligee or in an oversized sweater, your boudoir photos should reflect your personality and your own unique brand of sexy.

Some women even choose a theme for their boudoir photo session, even stepping outside of their comfort zone to become an old-fashioned pin-up model or a Playboy bunny. If you’re thinking about a boudoir session, or if you’re already booked one, here are some ideas for fun ways to theme your session and show off your sexiness in a whole new way!

Pin-Up Bombshell

This old-fashioned style is anything but stodgy! The pin-up boudoir style generally includes bright red lipstick and heavy makeup, retro hairstyles and crop tops. In a pin-up themed session, you can wear lacy lingerie or denim shorts and a tight shirt. The pin-up boudoir style is all about having fun and feeling flirty!

Playboy Bunny

No, you don’t have to wear ears and a cotton ball tail (unless you want to!). The Playboy style is for the bold, with implied nude or fully nude images tastefully and stunningly captured. This style of boudoir photography is all about fully showing off your sexiness, so strut your stuff!

All Natural

Sometimes you just need to step out of the studio and into the woods. A nature-themed boudoir session is perfect for the romantic at heart. Feel like you’re in a fairytale and let the natural environment inspire you and help you rediscover your own beauty.

Full Glam

If you love going out dressed to the nines and with a full face of makeup, then this boudoir style might be for you! Play the diva for a day with fancy lingerie, beautifully coiffed hair and gorgeous makeup that highlights your stunning features. Make a statement with some bold jewelry and heels and strike a fierce pose.

Cozy and Comfortable

Lingerie isn’t for everyone! Maybe you feel your sexiest when you’re snuggled up on a rainy day with a cup of coffee and a good book. Your boudoir session can include outfits like your favorite bulky sweater or oversized sweatshirt. You can even borrow something from your partner like a favorite button-up. Nothing says sexy like a woman who’s comfortable in her clothes and in her own skin!

Rebellious Queen

Show off your wild side with sexy fishnets and thigh-high boots plus some all-black lingerie. This session style is the perfect way to release your inner bad girl. Put on a pair of stilettos and rock your look!

Sports Lover

If your guy is into sports (or if you are), consider wearing his favorite team jersey—and almost nothing else. This theme is perfect for props, like a football or baseball glove, and gives you the chance to show off how sexy the big game can be.

Firefighter/Police Officer Theme

Go the opposite direction from the sports theme with a Firefighter or Police Officer look, complete with hat, natural makeup and straps. Bonus points for bringing along some handcuffs or baton for the police look is so much fun!



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