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Boudoir Sessions Can Be Both Naughty & Nice! Luxury Boudoir Sessions in St. Louis, Missouri

What do you think of when you think of boudoir photography?

Maybe you think of dark, moody images, sexy poses and lingerie. You aren't wrong, although it can be light and bright and beautiful too.

There is so much more to boudoir than lingerie and dim lighting. Boudoir can also be light and airy, sweet and sexy. Boudoir can be whatever you want it to be, whatever makes you feel the most confident and in love with your body.

Boudoir style images can be a mix of dark and light, sexy and sweet. In fact, boudoir photography sessions don't have to be one or the other. Boudoir sessions can be both or whatever you choose to make them! Exploring the different styles of boudoir is a great way to discover what works for you. And once you know how you want your session to look, it'll help narrow down your search when it's time to book that perfect photographer!

What is boudoir?

Boudoir is a highly stylized type of portraiture that focuses on capturing images that display the personality and unique beauty of the subject. These types of sessions are designed to empower women and help them recognize their own sexiness. The goal is to help women feel confident and beautiful.

The boudoir photography style is usually very intimate and can often include implied nudity or lingerie. But boudoir photos can also involve the woman being fully dressed, in a comfortable sweater and leggings or a men's button-up shirt. Each woman can choose what she wants to wear depending on what clothing makes her feel the sexiest and most comfortable.

What does the boudoir style look like?

Boudoir sessions can be darker and moodier or lighter and airy. They don't have to be just one way or the other. In fact, boudoir photography is one of those areas where you'll probably find both ends of the spectrum represented within your local photographers. It all depends on what speaks to you and what you want your own boudoir images to look like.

Some examples of boudoir photography that are lighter include white or pastel walls, light-colored furniture, and a touch of gold here and there for warmth. The model might wear more casual clothing like T-shirts and jeans, sheer fabrics or lingerie with bold prints on them (like florals) or have bare feet instead of high heels. Flowers and other bright accents throughout the session can also contribute to an airier feel and style.

Boudoir photography sessions that are darker in tone might involve rooms painted in sultry colors like deep reds or grays. The clothing may be more black than white with lace or leather adding touches of texture to the shots. Moodier boudoir images also tend to include more high heels and are usually shot against a backdrop of brick, stone or textured wall coverings. The images may also have a bit more shadowing than lighter boudoir photos.

How do I choose what style I want?

You don't have to just pick one style over the other when it comes to boudoir photography because they really can work together! In fact, I would encourage women who feel intimidated about boudoir photography to think about embracing all aspects of their sexiness during your session. So, if that means going for a lighter-toned shoot while wearing little black dresses and stilettos...then go for it! Not only will you be more comfortable in your clothing, but you'll still get those sexy shots of yourself in lingerie that you're craving.

If you feel self-conscious about wearing too much makeup or certain types of clothing, then try and incorporate the more natural side of boudoir photography into your session as well. It's okay to feel beautiful just the way you are! Your boudoir photographer will be more than happy to work with you to ensure that you feel comfortable and get the images you want from your session, our hair and makeup artist can make your "look" as natural as you would like.

So don't be afraid to embrace all aspects of your boudoir style during your next session—unless you prefer one over the other! Then go with your gut and do what makes you most comfortable. In the end, that's really all that matters!

At Beauty In Boudoir, we want you to leave with everything you have dreamt your session will be. Call us today 636-577-8583 for a no obligation consult and tour, you won't be disappointed. - Traci, Owner



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