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4 Tips for a Tasteful Boudoir Shoot - St. Louis Boudoir Session

One of the great things about boudoir is that it offers a wide range of styles — your photos can be as sweet or sultry as you like. Many clients are looking for tasteful boudoir photos that feel classy and beautiful rather than provocative.

If you want a softer, more refined feel for your boudoir shoot, here are a few things you can do to get the look you want.

4 Tips for a Tasteful Boudoir Shoot

The decisions you make leading up to your boudoir session have a huge impact on how your photos turn out. These are our top tips for achieving the classy look you want for more tasteful boudoir photos.

1. Share Your Vision With Your Photographer

Some clients go into a boudoir shoot with super specific ideas for how they want their images to turn out. Others come in more open-minded and want the photographer to take the lead.

woman laying in bed wearing hot pink

Generally speaking, the sweet spot is in the middle. Your photographer won't be able to exactly recreate every photo from your boudoir inspo Pinterest board, but if you tell them the overall look and feel you want, they'll be able to make decisions about posing and lighting to match your preferences.

During your consultation, be sure to tell your photographer that you want to have a more tasteful boudoir shoot. Our Beauty in Boudoir client questionnaire also includes questions that will help you share what you're hoping to see in your album.

2. Choose Outfits With Soft Textures and More Coverage

Outfits are such an important part of your boudoir shoot. They have a huge impact on the feel of your photos, so put some time into choosing them.

Seductive poses of woman in tasteful lingerie

To achieve a sweet, more innocent look, go for lingerie and other pieces in light, airy colors and prints. Focus on softer textures, like lace, over options like leather.

Woman in red lingerie on ground and looking out window

You might also consider lingerie sets that provide a bit more coverage, or wearing a cardigan or robe with your lingerie.

3. Choose Timeless Accessories

Accessories are a fun way to bring more personality to your boudoir photos. For a tasteful look, focus on classy jewelry pieces like pearls or a diamond necklace.

woman laying on brown tufted sofa

Wearing your wedding rings, whether you're in the studio for a bridal boudoir shoot or not, can also be a nice touch that makes your photos feel a little more mature and sophisticated.

4. Select the Right Sets

Another important factor that will impact the mood of your boudoir photos is which sets you choose. Our studio includes tons of options with a wide range of furniture pieces, lighting options, and other features.

tasteful boudoir pose with diamond necklace on

For a tasteful boudoir shoot, we recommend our classic white bedding set, as well as shooting in front of our loft style window. The natural light and gauzy curtains make for a very romantic effect.

Have you booked your boudoir session yet? Be sure to get in touch to get your shoot on our calendar and share your tasteful boudoir inspiration!



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