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From Camera Shy to Camera Bold: Overcoming Nerves for Your Boudoir Session

No matter how excited you were to book your boudoir session, there's a good chance you may feel nervous when the big day arrives. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do before your shoot to help you feel more relaxed when you get to the studio.

4 Tips for Overcoming Nerves for Your Boudoir Session

These are the steps we recommend taking to get ready for your boudoir session and overcome your nerves.

1. Talk to Your Photographer

Sometime before the day of your shoot, you should have the chance to talk to your photographer. Whether it's in person or over the phone, a thorough consultation is the best way to gather a lot of information about what to expect during your session.

Have a boudoir consultation with your photographer before your shoot

It also helps to get familiar with your photographer before you're in front of the camera. Feeling like you know the person who's posing you and shooting your photos can make the experience much more comfortable.

2. Practice and Prepare

Feeling prepared before you head into your boudoir shoot is super important for overcoming your nerves.

Practice posting before your boudoir shoot to feel prepared during your session

There are several different ways to get ready for your session:

  1. Try on your boudoir outfits at home to make sure they fit the way you want them to.

  2. Have a spa day—get your nails done, have a facial, get a wax if you want to (just make sure it's well in advance of your shoot).

  3. Practice posing in front of a mirror. Your photographer will guide you on how to pose during your shoot, so you don't have to come up with your own. But practicing can still help boost your confidence and make you feel ready to get in front of the camera. Especially tush pops and back arching.

All this prep work will help you feel less flustered going into your session.

3. Do Your Research

Reading boudoir blog posts like this one can provide you with lots of information about what to expect at your boudoir session.

Read boudoir blog posts to learn what to expect during your boudoir session

We have articles about every aspect of boudoir, from choosing outfits, to getting your hair and makeup done, and even ordering your album or prints. If having more information helps calm your nerves, check out the rest of the Beauty in Boudoir blog.

4. Remember Your Reason

Everyone does a boudoir shoot for a special reason. You might be creating a gift for your significant other, or maybe you're taking an important step into a new stage of life.

Overcome your nerves before your boudoir session by remembering your reason for doing the shoot

You might even be doing a boudoir shoot to work on overcoming your anxiety. Whatever it is, when you start to feel nervous during your shoot, remember the reason you booked it in the first place.

Recalling what motivated you to come into the studio can help inspire you to push through your discomfort and have an amazing shoot.

Feeling ready to book your own boudoir session? Reach out today to get started with your consultation!



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