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Boudoir Lighting: Natural vs. Studio Light — Best STL Boudoir Photographer

When planning your boudoir shoot, you may not have considered whether you prefer natural vs. studio lighting. That's why you hired a professional boudoir photographer, after all — to take care of the technical details.

However, the type of lighting used has a major impact on the look and feel of your photos. Knowing the basic differences between these two options will help you share your vision with your photographer so your images turn out just the way you want them to.

Boudoir Lighting: Natural vs. Studio Light

I'll break down what you can expect when using natural vs. studio lighting for boudoir so you can decide which best matches your style.

Natural Light Boudoir

Natural light is the preferred lighting for boudoir photography. It tends to be flattering for all skin tones and produces a soft and gentle look.

boudoir image of a woman in sheets

The Beauty in Boudoir studio features tons of windows to let natural sunlight into our sets. Sheer curtains provide privacy while also allowing just the right amount of light for photography through.

empowered woman in boudoir session

Natural light is also super versatile. There are many different ways to manipulate light and shadows to produce different effects with minor changes.

gorgeous photo of woman in sheets

Using reflective objects like mirrors can also increase the amount of light in your photos and produce unique effects.

collage of woman in boudoir shoot

Additionally, natural light is perfect for boudoir photography because it highlights your beauty and keeps the focus on your features. But because there are many different ways to make use of natural light, your boudoir album will still include plenty of variety when it comes to your final photos.

Boudoir Studio Lighting

Studio lighting uses artificial lights to produce dramatic photographic effects.

dramatic images of woman

When using studio lights, you'll typically be able to create greater contrast and harsher lines than you do with natural light.

dark and moody images of woman

This produces a highly stylized look. Studio lighting is great if you want high-glam boudoir or fine art bodyscape photos.

sexy dramatic image

Our studio is equipped with lights and backdrops to achieve these looks if you're interested in them.

Is Natural or Studio Lighting Best for Boudoir?

Although natural light is generally preferred by most boudoir photographers, studio lighting can be the right choice if you want to achieve a certain style for your boudoir photos.

Both natural and studio lighting have their advantages, and you can request either or both to be part of your boudoir session.

Ready to book your boudoir shoot? Get in touch with us to schedule your consult today!



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