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3 Sexy Valentines Gift Ideas - Boudoir Sessions in St. Louis, Missouri

Want to give your significant other a gift to spice things up this Valentine's Day? Whether you want to give a sexy gift just because or to celebrate a special milestone, choosing a present that's just for your partner can be a fun surprise and add some extra excitement to the day.

So, for inspiration, here are our top sexy Valentine gift ideas that you can give.

1. Lingerie, Candles, and Other Gifts to Set the Mood

Gift your S.O. everything you need for an intimate night in — whatever that means for you! Go the traditional route with candles and roses, or venture outside the box if both of you are comfortable doing so.

Lingerie can be a great sexy holiday gift, whether you're giving your partner something you want to see them in or dressing up yourself.

woman dressed in sexy red lingerie

These types of gifts are the perfect way to show your significant other that you know their taste and pay attention to what they like. The items themselves may be nice, but what's more meaningful is showing off how well you know your partner and being thoughtful with your choices.

silhouette boudoir photo of woman in lingerie

2. A Romantic Getaway or Staycation

Experiences can be just as fun to receive as material things, especially when it comes to booking a romantic trip with your partner. Time away for just the two of you will give you the chance to put everything else to the side and just focus on each other.

Don't have the budget for plane tickets? A night in a nice local hotel can be just as fun and sexy. Try looking for unique stays in your area and making reservations at a new restaurant to add some novelty to the evening.

3. A Boudoir Album or Couples Boudoir Photoshoot

For a gift that you can treasure for years to come, consider a boudoir album. You can schedule your photoshoot and surprise your partner with the finished product later, or book a couples boudoir session and enjoy the boudoir experience together.

The sexy Valentine gift of the season is a boudoir album, with all of your favorite images to showcase, this is the perfect gift.

Album image with red snake cover

Either way, you'll end up with a photo album or prints that you can look back on whenever you like! This can be an especially sexy valentine gift for a long distance partner or a spouse who has to travel a lot for work. USB drives of your images are also a wonderful gift to give that can be used on your device or to print out something sexy.

USB drive photo with woman on cover of it

Ready to book your Valentine's Day boudoir session? Don't wait and miss your chance to get your photos back by Valentine's Day! Get in touch to schedule your shoot today.



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