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Empowering Boudoir Sessions! St. Charles Photography, Sexy Photography Sessions

Boudoir photography is about you. It’s about loving yourself and feeling empowered in your beauty and femininity. No matter what you may think when you look in the mirror, you are strong, sexy, and unique, and your beauty deserves to be celebrated.

Still nervous about getting in front of the camera? Here’s why you should consider a boudoir shoot.

See yourself from a new perspective.

Boudoir photography allows you to see yourself and your body in a whole new light. It’s easy to focus on the version of yourself you see every day in the bathroom mirror and the flaws you spend way too much time thinking about. Taking a day for yourself to get pampered and flaunt your sexy side is more than just a fun time—it can really enhance your self-image. Seeing how beautiful you truly are can help you feel better on those days when you just don’t feel love for yourself. Plus, you’ll have those stunning images to look back on and remind you of how incredible you are.

Celebrate you.

How often do you take time out of your hectic life to care for and celebrate yourself? Chances are, that rarely—if ever—happens. Maybe you’re having a moment where you just feel great in your own skin. Maybe you need a little self-esteem boost. Either way, you deserve to feel empowered and celebrated, and boudoir photography can do that for you.

When I finally did a boudoir session of my own, my associate photographer shot it at my studio with the sets I loved. Seeing myself in that light really changed the way I felt about having my clients in these poses and also the nervousness I felt just like they did! I am so thankful to have experienced it so that I know what you're feeling first hand!

Feel the love for you.

We can all admit we’re a little better at loving others than loving ourselves. But every single one of us deserves love, especially from ourselves. A boudoir session can help you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin, boost your self-esteem, and help you love yourself for who you are. That’s huge! As women, we often tend to spend so much time worrying about our flaws and not focusing on the amazing people we are. Step out of that self-disparaging funk and learn to love yourself.

No matter your age or where you are in your life, you deserve to love and celebrate your beauty. A professional boudoir shoot can help you do that and allow you to see yourself as the gorgeous and incredible woman you truly are.

At Beauty In Boudoir, we will make sure that your experience reflects your personality and vibe. I want every woman who leaves my studio to feel AMAZING or I haven't done my job right! - Traci, Owner/Photographer



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