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Boudoir Set Inspiration: Unique Boudoir Photo Shoots St. Charles, Missouri

A boudoir set is the backdrop for your sexy photo shoot. Choosing a set is an important step in creating the right vibe for your images, so it's not something you want to overlook!

At Beauty in Boudoir, we offer a variety of unique sets at our St. Charles studio. You'll have the chance to go edgy and modern, or keep things soft and sophisticated.

Brick and Leather

The Beauty in Boudoir studio features a real exposed brick wall, so of course we had to make it a feature in one of our boudoir sets.

boudoir poses on leather sofa

A tufted leather couch is the only set piece, leaving plenty of space for you to be the star of the show. Classic black lingerie or a sultry red number will pair will with this timeless backdrop.

Boho Chic Boudoir

Boudoir can be soft as well as sexy, and our boho setup offers the perfect space to indulge in your femininity and let your beauty shine through.

bohemian boudoir session

The boho set includes woven wall decor and pampas grass accents. There's also a mirror for beautiful back shots.

Light, airy boudoir outfits and white pieces look stunning against this set, which makes it excellent for any brides-to-be!

Downtown Loft

No space is quite as glamorous as a city loft. Now you can have a big city feel for your boudoir shoot, because we've brought loft vibes to St. Charles.

downtown loft boudoir

A frosted window provides privacy as well as moody lighting that's perfect for an intimate photo shoot. Gauzy curtains soften up some of the hard edges and bring in some additional texture for interest.

You can post standing or seated on a chair in the loft set, and any boudoir outfit will be jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Cinematic Teal

Just like in a play or movie, your boudoir set can tell a story. Our teal room with gold accents will have you feeling like a Hollywood starlet.

cinematic boudoir

The leather chair gives you tons of posing options, and a wide range of outfit choices will pop against these blue-green walls. This set is perfect if you want to create a vintage feel for your boudoir shoot.

Dramatic Boudoir

Boudoir photography as an artform excels at showcasing the subject's personality as well as their body. In our dramatic black and gold boudoir set, you have the chance to go full primadonna and bring the drama.

moody and dark boudoir session

Black lingerie and thigh highs look amazing against this matte black set, but for an even bolder look, try on some metallics.

Midsommer Mood

Last but not least, our midsommer set features a subtle floral wallpaper that brings together the earthiness of the boho set and the drama of the matte black set.

natural boudoir set

It's the perfect middle ground for anyone who wants the best of both worlds, and fits seamlessly into your boudoir album. Mix patterns with a floral bodysuit or go for deep pinks and purples that will pair nicely with the wallpaper.

Have enough inspo for your shoot? Book your boudoir session today!



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