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5 Boudoir Do's and Dont's for the Perfect Shoot - St. Louis Boudoir Session

Preparing for your boudoir shoot? Knowing the top boudoir do's and dont's can help you have a smooth session that results in gorgeous photos.

Check out these tips for guidance on how to have the perfect boudoir shoot.

Do Bring Backup Outfits

When choosing your boudoir outfits, put a lot of thought into what looks best on your body and will emphasize the areas you have the most confidence in.

Bring backup outfits to your boudoir shoot in case you change your mind

It's also smart to try your outfits on before your session to make sure they fit well.

You should also consider bringing a few extra outfit or accessory options to your session. If you have a last-minute change of heart and want to wear something else once you see our sets in person, you'll be able to make the switch.

You can also always borrow from our client closet so you don't have to invest in lots of lingerie for your shoot.

Don't Get a Spray Tan

Of course you want to look your best for your boudoir shoot, but a spray tan should not be on your list of pre-session beauty treatments.

Boudoir do’s and don’ts to help you have a great shoot

Not only can the spray tan rub off on your outfit and the set, but tan lines can show up in your photos. Even if everything else comes out perfectly, those lines can be hugely distracting and ruin the look of your photos.

Do Get a Good Night's Sleep Before Your Session

A good night's sleep can do wonders for your complexion as well as your energy in front of the camera.

Boudoir do’s and don’ts to help you have a great shoot

A boudoir shoot can last a couple of hours, so you'll want to be well rested and ready to go. No amount of caffeine will make up for missing valuable sleep, so don't go out and party the night before your session—save the celebrating for after!

Don't Have Any Treatments That Could Mess With Your Skin

You should absolutely pamper yourself before your boudoir session, but it's important to prioritize the right types of appointments and to time them right, especially when it comes to your skin.

How to prepare for your boudoir shoot

First off, avoid getting a facial before your shoot. While these treatments can be wonderful and relaxing, there's always the chance that your skin could have a bad reaction. You don't want to risk that right before you're due to be in front of the camera.

Similarly, time any waxing appointments carefully (for your face or body). Four to five days before your session is usually a safe buffer to avoid any redness or irritation that could show up in your photos.

Do Relax and Remember to Have Fun!

Most importantly, remember to enjoy your boudoir shoot. It's a unique and special experience, so relax and have fun with it!

Boudoir session tips to have a great photoshoot

Still need to book your boudoir shoot? Give us a call at 636-577-8583 to get your session on the calendar today!



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