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4 Vintage Boudoir Photography Ideas – St. Charles Boudoir Photographer

Themed boudoir photography shoots are a fun way to capture your personality. Vintage boudoir photography in particular can be super glamorous and offers the chance to get creative with your outfits and accessories.

If you're thinking about scheduling a vintage boudoir photography shoot, here are my top tips for getting gorgeous, classic images.

1. Wear Vintage Lingerie

Choosing the right lingerie is a must if you're going for a vintage boudoir shoot. There are tons of old fashioned styles you can go for to feel confident and empowered during your session.

You don't have to hunt down authentic lingerie from the 1900s to create a vintage look, though.

A simple bra and panty set can give a timeless, classic sense of beauty even if you bought it fresh off the rack.

Also, accessories can make or break a vintage boudoir photography shoot! There are so many different directions a bit of jewelry or the right shoes can take you. We can even talk about incorporating antique props if you have some you want to bring to your shoot.

2. Go Black and White for a Vintage Boudoir Feel

Boudoir photography does not have to be in black and white! Color can add tons of interest to your photos.

But black and white photography does often seem more vintage, like an old Hollywood movie.

Boudoir photography albums usually look best with a mix of color and black and white images, but we can discuss how to give your products a more vintage feel during your ordering session.

3. Let Your Hair and Makeup Artist Know What Look You're Going for

Your boudoir photography session starts with professional hair and makeup from our in-studio artist. Letting her know that you have a particular vision in mind can help her make sure you look and feel your best going into your shoot.

When you book your session, you'll have the chance to fill out a detailed questionnaire where you can include information about your hair and makeup preferences.

4. Choose a Timeless Boudoir Photo Set

The last element of your vintage boudoir photography session is the set. The Beauty in Boudoir studio includes several you can choose from, and almost any of them will work great no matter what look you're going for.

White sheets are absolutely timeless.

But if you'd rather include some color, a pop of gold can give you a classy, luxurious feel. Or, pose in front of a striking floral backdrop to really make a statement.

Ready to bring your vintage boudoir photography ideas to life? Get in touch and schedule your free consultation with Beauty In Boudoir today!



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