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3 Boudoir Modeling Tips to Nail the Shoot - St. Louis Boudoir Session

Your first boudoir photo shoot is an exciting experience! Taking some boudoir modeling tips into account can help you prepare for your session and make sure it's seamless.

In this post, we'll share some of our favorite modeling tips to help you nail your shoot.

Top 3 Boudoir Modeling Tips

The best part about hiring a professional boudoir photographer is that you don't have to be a model to walk away with stunning photos. But a little prep work goes a long way, so here are our top boudoir modeling tips.

1. Try On Your Boudoir Outfits Before You Arrive

After you choose your boudoir outfits, try them on to test out how they fit. You'll also be able to make sure they accentuate your favorite features and make you feel confident and sexy.

Pro tip: we also recommend (carefully!) cutting the tags out of your lingerie so you don't end up with any unwanted pieces poking out.

2. Trust Your Photographer's Posing Instructions

Practicing some poses in the mirror before your session can be a great way to loosen up and prep for your shoot.

However, don't get too caught up on posing. Your photographer will give you tons of direction so you're never unsure of what to do once you’re in front of the camera.

Some of the poses your photographer suggests might feel silly in the moment, but trust us! Even if it seems over the top at first, the results will speak for themselves.

3. Take the Time to Relax

Our most important boudoir modeling tip is to relax before your shoot. The night before your session, do whatever it is you do to unwind—take a bubble bath, light a candle, put on your favorite music, and enjoy your evening.

The day of your shoot, head to the studio early enough that you don't feel like you're in a rush. Once you're settled in, we'll help you feel right at home and start getting you camera ready!

How Do I Get My Body Ready for a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

If you're still looking for some tips on how to prepare for your boudoir shoot, here are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • Stay hydrated to keep your skin looking beautiful.

  • Eat a light meal so you're not too hungry but also not feeling stuffed.

  • Get a manicure and pedicure, but stick to neutral colors that won't be too distracting.

  • Arrive with your face clean and moisturized so our in-house hair and makeup artist can work her magic.

  • Skip the spray tan to avoid unwanted lines or unnatural coloring.

  • Wear loose-fitting clothing to prevent lines on your skin that might be visible during your shoot.

Feeling ready to jump into the boudoir studio? Book your free consultation at 636-577-8583 to learn more and schedule your session!


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