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Capturing Intimacy: Tips for a Sensual Boudoir Photoshoot St. Louis Boudoir Studio

Unlike other types of portrait photography, boudoir focuses on capturing intimate images that feel like a peek into a private moment. It tends to be very sensual and sometimes romantic in nature.

Boudoir photographers use a lot of different techniques to create this effect. If you want to know more about what goes into a sensual boudoir photo session, check out these tips.

4 Tips for a Sensual Boudoir Photoshoot

Working with a professional boudoir photographer is the best way to shoot intimate, sensual boudoir photos that you can enjoy for years to come. Here are some tips for you going into your session to make your final images feel super sexy.

1. Choose a Set With an Intimate Feel

At the Beauty in Boudoir studio, we have several different boudoir sets you can choose from. All of them look amazing on camera, but the classic white sheet set makes for especially intimate photos.

Creating intimacy with a boudoir bedroom set

This set really captures the private bedroom feel of traditional boudoir photos. It's really like seeing behind the scenes into someone's most personal moments.

Other things to consider when choosing sets for a sensual boudoir shoot include textures and fabrics. You can pose in our beautiful velvet chair, or luxuriate in our tufted leather couch.

If you want to go for some implied nudity in your photos, we have several different colors of gorgeous satin sheets you can wrap yourself in as well.

Sensual wrapped in sheets boudoir photos

2. Perfect Your Boudoir Poses

You don't have to come to your boudoir session knowing how to pose. Your photographer will guide you into all the right positions for a fantastic shoot.

But if you want to make your photos feel especially sensual, make sure to pay attention to the details. The tilt of your head, the direction of your gaze, and the placement of your hands can speak volumes.

Sensual boudoir posing

There are so many different ways to communicate suggestively with your body language, so try your best to follow your photographer’s posing instructions for the best results.

3. Wear the Right Boudoir Outfits

Choosing your boudoir outfits with care can help strike the right tone for your session. Boudoir is all about celebrating the female body, so you want your lingerie and accessories to highlight all your best assets.

Sensual boudoir outfits ideas

When selecting what to wear for your boudoir session, think about the parts of your body you want to show off and look for pieces that will draw the eye in that direction.

How to choose boudoir outfits for a sensual boudoir photoshoot

You might also want to consider your body type and what will be most flattering on your shape.

4. Use Strategic Lighting

Lighting is one of the biggest factors that separates DIY boudoir from professional photos. Photographers are well-trained on how to use both natural and artificial light to create beautiful images.

Natural light boudoir photography

Lighting greatly impacts the tone of your photos. Using light and shadows, your photographer can create images that feel deeply sensual by highlighting certain parts of your body.

Dramatic, edgy boudoir lighting

Ready to kick things off and shoot your own sensual boudoir shoot? Give us a call and book your Sensual Boudoir PhotoShoot today!



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