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What Is Fine Art Portrait Photography? St. Louis Boudoir Photography Studio

You may be familiar with portrait photography, whether it’s family portraits or capturing special moments like an engagement or a pregnancy. But have you ever experienced fine art portrait photography?

This type of portrait photography is often taken in a studio, where more artistically stylized images are created to make stunning wall art. These images are created not just with wardrobe, makeup and hair styling, but with careful editing and color adjustments in post-production.

How is fine art portrait photography different from regular photography?

Most professional photographers specialize in capturing a specific moment or milestone in a person’s life, such as a wedding, the birth of a new child or a high school senior’s graduation. While these photos are not always documentary-style, they generally are not very posed or stylized, instead focusing on the genuine expressions and feelings of the subjects.

Fine art portrait photography, on the other hand, is designed to be a piece of art. From the clothing chosen for the subject to the background to the way everything is staged, these images are carefully created by the photographer as works of art, designed to be displayed.

How are fine art portrait photographers different from natural light photographers?

Natural light photography requires an understanding of how to use the natural light outside to frame and capture the best images. Fine art photographers, however, use a variety of lighting techniques in a studio or indoor space to create stunning photos. These photographers also make use of backdrops, props, accessories and other objects and techniques to create fine art from their images.

Where photojournalistic photographers work to capture a moment or a subject as naturally as possible, fine art photographers strive to capture their own vision. That’s why staging and posing are so important in this type of photography, as they give the photographer more control over their images.

Is fine art portrait photography always in black and white?

Absolutely not! While many portraits may be in black and white, fine art portrait photographers work in color as well, often to great effect. Like most photographers, they capture images with a variety of colors, as well as black and white images.

Why should I consider fine art portraits?

Fine art portrait photography offers something unique—art featuring you or your family members. Instead of normal family photos that you may share on social media or put in an album, these images look stunning on large canvases or as framed prints and can even be conversation pieces in your home.

Long ago, people used to have their portraits painted. Fine art portraits are similar in style without the long hours of sitting and holding a pose. These are images you are and your family will cherish for years to come—a moment captured in time as a work of art.

If you are looking for something outside the box from standard boudoir sessions, give me a call and we can discuss your vision and bring it to life. I cannot wait to hear all about what you are wanting. Traci, Owner



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