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Top 5 Sexy & Creative Gifts to Give on Your Wedding Day! St. Louis Best Boudoir Photography Studio

You want to give your soon-to-be-husband the perfect gift: something thoughtful, personal, and sweet that says, “I love you.”

A gift option many brides don’t think of is boudoir images. These are sensual, classy photos of you, created just for the man you love as a reminder of your affection and devotion. Plus, a boudoir session can be a great way for you to relax and take a day off from wedding planning.

I’ve put together five of my favorite ways to present your man with boudoir images—and it doesn’t just have to be before the wedding! You can give your images as several gifts for the wedding, the honeymoon, and even for anniversaries to come.

A sultry album

One of the best ways to turn your boudoir session into a groom’s gift is to create an album just for him. Of course, this isn’t a gift you want to give him in front of your family and friends, so find a private moment before the ceremony or even after the rehearsal dinner to slip the album into his hands. Just watch his reaction as he flips through the images! Plus, he can keep the album in his nightstand to enjoy...later.

Wall art that will make his jaw drop

I know what you’re thinking: I don’t want a nearly naked photo of myself on the wall of my house! I’m not suggesting in the living area! But setting the tone for your bedroom to be a private space for the two of you that is sexy and gorgeous is a great gift! It’s even a great piece to hang in his closet, or yours, to give you that extra dose of confidence every time you walk in.

Teasing prints

A fun way to lead up to the big groom’s gift of an album is to hide prints from your boudoir session in places he’s sure to find them. Sneak a photo into his sock drawer or behind his toothpaste in the cabinet. Then you can give him the full album of photos before the wedding.

A gorgeous canvas print!

Want to make a big impression? Consider canvas wall hangings in your closet, then you can meet him in the bedroom, maybe even wearing the same lingerie from your session. That’s sure to make his jaw drop!

A sexy calendar

A calendar may seem like an odd gift for your groom, but a pinup calendar featuring his beautiful bride is sure to make him smile. Whether it’s a small calendar to keep in his car or a larger one for his home office, your images are sure to make his day any day of the week.

Beauty In Boudoir we pride ourselves in our luxury products, from metal prints, canvas wall art and custom crystal cover albums. You name it and we can get it for you. Acrylic blocks and wall calendars just to name a few. Contact us today to see what products we can order for your session!



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