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Breaking Beauty Stereotypes: Embracing Diversity in Boudoir Sessions

Many women feel intimidated by the idea of doing a boudoir session because they think it's "not for them." At Beauty in Boudoir, we believe that boudoir is for every woman, no matter what she looks like.

Despite our personal take on the matter, it's still true that when you search boudoir inspiration photos, you often see the same types of women pictured over and over again. This is why we think it's important to talk about diversity in boudoir.

Embracing Diversity in Boudoir and Why It Matters

When you look up the history of boudoir, you'll find lots of references to 1940s pinup photos. Most of these images feature thin, traditionally beautiful white women.

However, the boudoir industry has changed, and there are many photographers encouraging their clients to celebrate what makes their bodies unique—be it scars, stretch marks, size, or skin color.

boudoir sessions for empowerment

While the beauty industry has come a long way in the past decade or so when it comes to diversity, many women are still under-represented in magazines and other mainstream cosmetics and fashion content. Breaking through common stereotypes in beauty is one of our main focus' here at Beauty In Boudoir.

boudoir shoot for all women

While a boudoir session won't fix that problem, it does give you an opportunity to see yourself in ways that perhaps you haven't had the chance to before.

Everyone deserves to feel empowered and beautiful in their body, and we're here to support you on that journey, whatever that means for you!

How We Support All Our Clients at Beauty in Boudoir

No matter the reason you feel you might not belong in the boudoir studio, we have what it takes to help you feel comfortable and enjoy your session from start to finish.

1. Professional Hair and Makeup Styling

Your first stop at the Beauty in Boudoir studio will be our in-house hair and makeup stylist. She knows how to style a wide range of hair types and skin tones, so you can count on looking your best for your shoot.

womans hands in hair with window light

If you have any special considerations we need to keep in mind, such as sensitivities or allergies, let us know ahead of time and we'll be sure to accommodate your needs.

2. Boudoir Outfits in Every Size

Our client closet features lingerie and accessories in sizes XS to 3XL. We're prepared to help you find the perfect outfit for your session, regardless of what the label says.

If you'd rather bring your own lingerie to wear, we can also give you recommendations on where to shop during your consultation.

3. Open, Friendly Professionalism

Our boudoir photographer has years of experience capturing all kinds of women on camera. Working with a professional means you have access to a wealth of knowledge about posing, lighting, and styling for boudoir.

silhouette boudoir photos

Our top priority is making sure you feel good and are happy with your photos. We're here to listen to your hopes as well as your concerns and make your boudoir experience an amazing one.

Ready to book your session? Reach out to schedule a consultation and learn more about our services!



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