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Self love - Being a woman in today's world and learning how to love yourself

Boudoir photography studio in #wentzville is helping build woman's #selfconfidence and help them love themselves.

Most women I talk with say that #boudoirphotography is not for "them", they say it is only for "skinny girls" or "confident women", but I am here to tell you.....that is not true. Being a #plussizewoman I understand reasons why you may think this is not for you, but honestly I work with more #curvygirls than I do "models" all of which I feel are beautiful and have amazing qualities about them.

In this day and age we are always focusing on perfection, but in reality perfection does not exist at lets just embrace our flaws, embrace our differences and love ourselves for all of our differences. #boudoirphotography can be anything you want it to be....#sexy #seductive or #flirty it is up to you. You don't have to wear #lingerie to do boudoir, what do you have in your closet? Off the shoulder sweaters and business shirts can be just as sexy as a #teddy or #bodysuit.

"But I am not skinny enough, I still have a lot of weight to lose"

Not true......All women deserve to feel beautiful, no matter their size. Your size does not determine your #sexiness. I specialize in #plussizeboudoir, why? Because I have been plus sized for most of my adult life, just like 60% of other American women. I feel that all women should experience boudoir and feel beautiful, for you.

So lets hear it for all women! Boudoir is for EVERY woman! Give it a try, I promise you will not be disappointed, you will surprise yourself at your beauty <3 - Traci



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