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Boudoir in the bedroom, sexy and sultry....... St Louis premier boudoir studio

Missouri boudoir photographer, specializing in empowering women through boudoir photography

Boudoir photography is not only for a mans fantasy, it is about a woman who had a couple of babies and wants to find herself again, it can be for a recently divorced goddess that is needing a reinvention of herself....a breast cancer survivor who needs to see her beauty through the scars. The reasons are endless, but the outcome is the same....EMPOWERMENT.

How many of us women struggle with self-confidence? Body image issues? Stretch marks? Weight issues? Hormone imbalances? The list goes on and on doesn't it? All of these things are hurdles for us as women, none of us are "perfect" and that is OK because perfection doesn't exist anyways, why pretend it does? I can relate with every single one of these things, but it doesn't make me any less beautiful or worth it. When I meet a client, I talk to them to get to know them....what is their story? What do they think about themselves? How do outside people influence their views of themselves? I want to know who you are and your shows through in my vision of your session.

Almost every woman I have talked to about doing a session says the same thing "I am nervous and not sure I can go through with it". But I am here to tell you, if I can do it than anyone can do it. Thinking about it sounds scary or maybe uncomfortable but let me tell you....I make this fun for you, we laugh, we cry and we get real. This is one of my favorite things about being a boudoir photographer......breaking you out of that shell to unveil the badass woman that you are.

I would love to meet with you before you decide if a boudoir session is for you, we can go over your concerns, questions and see the studio!



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