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The Boudoir Shoot!

Your in person experience starts at my studio with one of my amazing professional hair and makeup artists. The artists I choose for my studio understand exactly how your makeup will look best for the shoot. The makeup gets taken down about 40%-50% with the lighting in the studio, so it will seem like you have a lot on but trust me it photographs beautifully.

Lashes are included with your session fee, it can be anything from a natural look all the way to GLAM, you decide! Having a Pinterest Board of ideas of what you like helps us determine your style. We suggest loose curls or waves for your hair, although if you have naturally curly hair please let us know ahead of time. Make sure that your face is clean and moisturized and your hair is completely dried before arriving to the studio for your session. I will be sending you a questionnaire upon booking to make sure that I get to know you better before your session.


hair and makeup with beauty in boudoir photography studio.jpg

At Beauty In Boudoir, I have many sets to choose from to offer a lot of variety for you. I mix natural light and studio lighting to offer you the most for your boudoir session. Before you shoot, you will peek at all of your options and we will find out your style and what you want out of your session. I help guide you on what I think will look best for your session based on the outfits you have to make sure you are happy with your results. We have over 15 sets to choose from which we will go over after your hair & makeup.

Once we have your sets chosen, we start the fun part, we shoot! I guide every pose, expression and hand placement. You never have to think about any of it, I will make sure you look fabulous! I like to also show you the photos as we go also which will ease your worries. Don't want to wear anything? That works too, you can choose to do wrapped in sheets, bodyscaping and noir without wearing anything at all.

I have a client closet with luxury outfits, robes, corsets, sweaters etc. for you to borrow if needed as well, click here to see some examples. I also supply high heels (sizes 6-11), thigh highs, garter belts and jewelry to help stylize your shoot and make it as wonderful as possible. My outfits range from Honey Birdette, Thistle and Spire, Victoria's Secret and many others.


Our studio is private and over 2200 square feet of space. We have a private dressing room and allow you to bring a female friend with you to your shoot if you want to.

We keep music POPPIN' at our studio! Let us know your favorites on your questionnaire, we like to stick to upbeat/energy music to make sure you get pumped for your shoot. Once you are done with Hair and Makeup, I will go over all of your outfits and we will pick sets together based on your favorites and what outfits will look great with your body type and sets chosen.


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