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St. Louis Boudoir Studio featuring Luxury Boudoir Sessions for all Occasions

Booking your boudoir photo session has never been easier!

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Boudoir is vulnerable, it takes a lot of courage and it is sensitive. You need someone who can understand, relate and be able to give you what you want from your session. Boudoir should never be rushed.....or made to feel like you are just a number. At Beauty In Boudoir, I assure you that I am at your session free from all distractions and only focusing on you the whole time. Your experience is what I focus on when you are shooting with me, because you are putting yourself out there and that is hard.

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Sometimes we want to feel beautiful and not have to wear lingerie, look how sexy a sweater and socks can look, we encourage you to think outside of the box when you want to do your boudoir session. What do you want it to look like? We love to have your input on what you find sexy, is it Pinup? Is it dark and mysterious? Let's do it!

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Sometimes it can take a long time to decide to commit to doing a boudoir session, months or sometimes years. Whenever it feels right, just give me a call and chat, I would love to talk about your wants, fears and questions you may have. Doing a consult not only answers all of your questions, but also gets you to know me better prior to your session.

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I cannot wait to hear from you soon! Call me or text me at 636-577-8583!


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