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St. Charles, Missouri Boudoir Studio taking Sexy Silhouette Boudoir Photography

Bringing natural light boudoir photos to St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas.

At Beauty In Boudoir I have added a few new sets to show off your most amazing assets! Silhouettes are some of my favorite shots to take, they are sensual, sexy and light your body in the best ways. At my studio I have 10 sets to choose from for your choice of variety in your session. When you book a session with me, you get to choose what you want from it.

I love to showcase black and whites as anyone that has ever talked to me knows those are my favorite ever, but lately I have been loving the moody feel of the color that has been coming out of my sessions, what do you like? I love to make sure you have the choice of either because after all we are all different and like different things. One of my recent clients really wasn't a fan of the light and airy feel of one of my sets, she really liked the moody feel. So we shot both.....she loved the light and airy SO much which just goes to show, you may love something you never knew you would, this is why having a good variety in my work is so important.

I really like to also incorporated props into my sets, even a simple chair can really add that extra va-va-voom to your photos, these were shot to invoke the curiosity of Hailey's spirit. She has such a mystery and showed it off here with emotion and sexiness.

I pride myself in having my boudoir studio as classy as possible. Showing off your curves and enhancing your beautiful body is what I do. I shoot for women, not men. I am here to empower women and help with their self-love journey, embracing every single part of themselves. After all, we only get this one body to live in so lets love and celebrate it!

Getting the perfect pose can be tricky, it looks much easier than it is, especially people that are not very flexible. I help guide you into the pose and make sure your back is arching as much as you can to get those amazing curves in your boudoir portraits. Outfit choice is also important when choosing your sets, for example if I have stretch marks on my tummy and don't want to show them in photos I may opt for a body suit or teddy to cover those but still get the shape in the photos.

What would you like to know about doing a boudoir session with me? I would love to get to know you and see what you envision, what are your fears? What are your hopes? Lets get there together! Email me at for any question you may have - Traci



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