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Missouri Natural Light Maternity Boudoir Session. St. Charles, MO Indoor Studio

Maternity sessions for women in St. Louis or St. Charles County, MO

Have you ever thought about turning your maternity session into a sexy maternity session? I feel like women are absolutely stunning when they have a baby bump, why not show it off and be sexy while doing it?

One of my biggest regrets of my 3 pregnancies are that I didn't have maternity photos done for any of them. I was self conscience, insecure and most of all I felt unattractive. Changing my mind took years of self help, working on me and loving this body I am in!

One of the reasons I love shooting boudoir is to lift women up, empower them to know that they are absolutely amazing and that they are true superheros of this world. I want you to know how incredibly wonderful you are. In this session, I really focused on the beautiful shadows and shapes of Elizabeth's belly, she brought a fuzzy sweater and some 80's leg warmers which really added individuality to her session.

My studio allows me the option of shooting both light and bright or dark and moody. For this set, I used my bed as a prop and always love the details to make the session come together, I feel as if it makes it sweet and fun but also show off the sexy side too. Having a variety of different looks always allows my clients the opportunity to mix up their looks and I love that.

Look at these silhouettes! SO Gorgeous! The beautiful light coming through is so unbelievably beautiful on her belly! I get so excited to create these amazing images and be able to provide my clients with wonderful maternity portraits that they will cherish forever.

If you are thinking about doing a maternity boudoir session and are on the fence, call me and chat at 636-577-8583! I would love to walk you through the process to ease your comfort. Getting to know your photographer prior to the session is very important.



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