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Beauty In Boudoir - Classy Missouri Boudoir Photographer

Natural light studio in the heart of Wentzville, Missouri catering to women to help boost their self esteems through boudoir photography.

Why are you a boudoir photographer?

“I started Beauty In Boudoir to allow all women to feel beautiful and build them up! I love when my clients see their images for the first time and they shout "THAT'S ME!" this is why I do it.” -Traci Copeland (Owner/Photographer)

Traci Copeland - Owner (photo not by Beauty In Boudoir)

I have been a professional photographer since 2010, although I did not find my passion of shooting boudoir until closer to 2016 when I really started to hone in on my specialty. Being a woman who has always had self-confidence issues my whole life, I knew that I had to help other women see themselves for how beautiful they are. Most women I talk to say "I could never do a shoot like that" or "I don't have anyone to give these photos to" but I am here to tell you that you do have someone to give these photos to......YOU.

At my #Naturallightstudio in #Wentzville, MO there are so many windows to let in all of the beautiful natural light that makes the airy imagery come to life. My boudoir style is a mix of anything from natural light boudoir all the way to moody and dramatic #bodyscapes which makes it your choice of what you like best. I love all types of boudoir and even use old glamour lighting to create a #romantic dark feel for women who love to be mysterious. The studio is located just 40 minutes West of downtown #stlouis #STL #stlouisboudoir which makes it super convenient for anyone within the #stlouismetro area.

Hair & Makeup - #TheBoudoirExperience

Who wouldn't want to get all dolled up?!.” - Traci Copeland

Getting professional hair and makeup done not only looks great, but feels great too. Having someone make you feel glamorous and amped up is a great way to start up a #boudoirsession. Whatever your style is, just let our #hairandmakeup experts know, they will help you cater your look to whatever you like. I personally like to do a natural look with smoky eyes and red lips. There are several different styles to choose from for boudoir, anything from a #naturalboudoir look to a #vixen, you choose.

The Ultimate #BridalGift

When you think about the #weddinggift you want to give your fiance, what would be better than the gift of #gorgeous #glamorous you! #Boudoirphotos are an amazing way to show your significant other how much you love them. Beauty In Boudoir by #irisheyesphotography specializes in making your #bridalboudoir session amazing and be more for you than it will be for your special someone. I love helping woman to love and embrace their inner #diva and become the most #confidentwoman around.



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