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5 Reasons Why You Deserve a Boudoir Session for You - St. Louis Boudoir Studio, MO

If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself so busy taking care of your kids and spouse and job that you have little to no time for yourself. We talk an awful lot these days about self-care, but it can be incredibly challenging to find time to put it into practice.

As if daily life isn’t hectic enough, sometimes there are big moments in your life that go unrecognized simply because you don’t have the time to mark them.

That’s where a boudoir session can come in. Boudoir is about more than just being sexy and wearing lingerie. It’s about feeling confident and celebrating who you are, both inside and out. It’s your chance to mark big moments in your life—or small ones—and have images to look back on in the years to come.

Find your confidence after a divorce or breakup

Nothing can make your confidence stumble like a relationship that just didn’t work out. Whether you’re breaking up with your partner or ending a marriage, sometimes you just need a chance to get your mojo back. A boudoir session can be the perfect opportunity to show the world you’ve still got it and remind yourself that you are so much more than what your previous partners say you are. You are strong, you are powerful and you deserve love!

Celebrate a milestone birthday

Reaching 30, 40, 50 or even 60 is a huge milestone! It shows that you have years of experience that you’ve gained and wisdom to offer. Each of these milestone birthdays deserves to be celebrated, and a boudoir session is a great way to show off your rockin’ bod, regardless of age. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do boudoir when you’re past your twenties. Age is just a number, and you are gorgeous at every point of your life!

Show your body some love

Do you ever look in the mirror and just notice all your “flaws”? Maybe you think you’re too big or too small, that you don’t have enough curves or have too many. We all see things we don’t like in our reflections, but a boudoir session allows you to look at your body in a new light. Whether you’ve gained weight or lost weight, your body is yours, and it has carried you through every day of your incredible life. So, show your body how much you appreciate it with some stunning photos!

Recognize the power of your post-baby body

Pregnancy and the months after giving birth can be a hard time for many women. You may no longer recognize your body and even feel that you will never look beautiful again. Well, your friendly boudoir photographer is here to tell you that’s absolutely not true! Your body has created and sustained life, which is the most powerful thing it can do. Every stretch mark should be celebrated as a reminder of the amazing little person you’ve brought into the world. You don’t need to lose weight or get fit to have a boudoir session. Show off what your body has done!

Boost your confidence and learn to love yourself

Sometimes we just need a confidence boost. If you’ve recently gone through a hard time or you’re just struggling through life these days, boudoir photos can be a reminder that you are amazing! It can be such a challenge to learn to love yourself, but recognizing your physical beauty can be a confidence-booster that allows you to better appreciate who you are, inside and out. And who are you are is magical.

At Beauty In Boudoir, we are seasoned and have been professionally shooting since 2010, we have perfected poses over the years to make you look your best.



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