Boudoir Studio Sets

Sweet set boudoir.jpg

Sweet Set

Light & bright lighting, bed poses, very flattering for all sizes and lots of variety, any outfit works!


Cali Set

Natural light, purple rug, floor posing and lots of pillows, overall fun! Great for all sizes!

dark moody boudoir.jpg

Sultry Set

Dramatic light, playing with shadows, great for all sizes. Lots of variety between sexy and flirty

sheets set boudoir.jpg

Sheet Set

Wrapped in white sheets, nude or with panties. Classy, implied nudity. Great for all sizes!

natural set boudoir.jpg

Airy Set

Bright sweet set, standing, chair and floor poses, great for bridal boudoir sessions and for themed boudoir

shower set boudoir.jpg

Shower Set

Sexy shower scene, topless or with lingerie. Upper body only, lots of body shots and very seductive


Boho Set

Bright and sweet, bohemian style with sex appeal. Natural light & greenery. Great for all sizes!

bodyscape boudoir.jpg

Bodyscape Set

Great for showing off your body, abs and muscles. Dramatic lighting and shows all of your body

noir set boudoir.jpg

Noir Set

Dark & Moody, flattering for all sizes and super sexy. Not a lot of facial expressions, more about body

sexy silhouette.jpg

Silhouette Set

Natural light, shadows and all about your body! This set shows off all of your best assets. Implied nude also

Black Floral Boudoir.jpg

Black Floral

Black sheets, moody, sexy and sultry. For ladies wanting drama and sex appeal. A lot of body poses

hollywood set.jpg

Hollywood Set

Shot with hot lights and old Hollywood glamour. Green couch and vintage decor, sexy & sultry