The Ultimate Boudoir Experience

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Let's be honest, boudoir is a very vulnerable thing, nothing you want to rush or choose the wrong photographer. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible to ensure your experience is as good as it can be. I have been shooting boudoir photography for over 10 years and shot thousands of amazing women. Through your consult (in person/zoom/phone), we will go over anything and everything you can imagine....let's chat, get to know each other so that I have a good understanding of your fears, expectations and thoughts all around.


The Ultimate Boudoir Experience starts with open communication, I want you to know me and get to know you and make sure it is a good fit so that everyone is happy.


Pick a Date

Chances are you have been thinking about doing this session for some time, maybe it is for a gift to give your fiance or maybe it is for you to empower yourself and get a self confidence boost. Whatever the reason, I am here for you. Do you want to book it 2 months from now or 2 weeks from now? Lets find that perfect date that works for you. This is when you pay your session fee, which is non-refundable. You can transfer your session fee to another date, but it is non-refundable.


Sessions are limited so make sure to reach out to me to find a date that will work best for you. Along with my availability, we schedule your professional hair and makeup artist for your session so that it is not just a shoot for you but an amazing experience you will never forget.

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Hair & Makeup

Your in person experience starts at my studio with one of my amazing professional hair and makeup artists. The artists I choose for my studio understand exactly how your makeup will look best for the shoot. The makeup gets taken down about 40% with the shoot so it will seem like you have a lot on, but trust me it photographs beautifully.


We play music for you that you are into and want to get your nervousness out prior to shooting. Once you are done with Hair and Makeup, I will go over all of your outfits and we will pick sets together based on your favorites and what outfits will look great with those. I have a client closet with outfits, robes, corsets, sweaters etc. for you to borrow if needed as well.

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The Shoot

At Beauty In Boudoir, I have many sets to choose from to offer a lot of variety for you. I mix natural light and studio lighting to offer you the most for your boudoir session. Before you shoot, you will peek at all of your options and we will find out your style and what you want out of your session. I help guide you on what I think will look best for your session based on the outfits you have to make sure you are happy with your results. We have over 15 sets to choose from which we will go over after your hair & makeup.


Once we have your sets chosen, we start the fun part, we shoot! I guide every pose, expression and hand placement. You never have to think about any of it, I will make sure you look fabulous! I like to also show you the photos as we go also which will ease your worries.


The Reveal

After your shoot, we will schedule your reveal, this is where you will view and select your images and products. This reveal will be about 1-2 weeks after your session and be at the studio. I show you a slideshow of my favorite images from your boudoir shoot to get a start on your products. If you have trouble choosing what you like, I am there to help you if needed. Products can be as simple as a little black book or as extravagant as a bougie brushed metal print and anything in between.


I offer books, albums, canvases and calendars to mention a few items. I believe that photographs should be printed and tangible. In this day in age it is more important than ever. Lets showcase that beautiful body of yours! I also offer digital images in my collections if that is something you are interested in as well.

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Delivery of Products

Once you have chosen your products at your reveal, I will schedule for you to come back to the studio for pickup. I always advise that my clients schedule their sessions with sufficient time to make sure your products are delivered on time for your event, holiday etc. If you have selected digital products, those will be delivered in an online gallery and delivered as early as your reveal.

By this time, you are empowered, confident and ready to take on anything....because you are an amazing, beautiful and empowered woman!

Are you ready for Your Ultimate Boudoir Experience?