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Apply For the Boudoir Content Call!

Are you interested in being in Beauty In Boudoir's Content call? Here are some questions and answers regarding the content call, make sure you review these prior to applying:

Q: What is a content call?

A: A content call allows women to benefit by giving them a free boudoir session with hair and makeup (Value $399), in return they agree that Beauty In Boudoir can use their images for any promotions (blog, website, social media etc.) they see fit.

Q: Are digital images given to me for free?

A: No, digital images are sold separate from the free session you will receive. Print products and digital images are available a week after your session and minimum spend is $599.

Q: Do I get a discount on digitals and products for doing the content call?

A: YES! I offer a 10% discount on collections!

Q: Is there a minimum purchase requirement for me if I do the content call?

A: Yes, if you choose to do the content call, your minimum purchase would be $599. Payment plans are available for those who need them with no interest or credit checks.

Q: I have never done a boudoir session before, can I still apply?

A: YES! Any woman interested in doing a session should apply. This is not based around your size, age, culture etc. and is open to every woman.

Q: Are you going to shoot photos of me nude?

A: No. Nude images/topless photos are not included in the content call, you will have an outfit on/covered sheets for all of your images.

Q: Do I bring my own outfits or are they provided?

A: It is up to you if you would like to bring outfits to wear, I can also pull outfits in your size for the session (XS-3XL). Anyone beyond these size perimeters need to provide their own outfits. All outfits will ultimately be selected by Traci (Owner).

Q: Do I have to be a certain size, age or look a certain way?

A: NO. This is open to ALL sizes, ages and looks!

Q: What is the difference between a content call session and a regular boudoir session?

A: The difference is that with a regular boudoir session you would choose your own sets/outfits/style of outfit and jewelry. With a content call, Beauty In Boudoir chooses the sets/outfits/style etc.

Thanks for Submitting! I will be sending you a text or email if you are selected :)

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